Hi i do love to try any new products relevant to my blog and my honesty and impartiality are second to none.
The majority of items you see on this blog and on my Youtube are purchased by myself but those that were sent to me for review purposes will be stated that they were kindly sent for me to review and who they were sent from and any links to the website or company will be placed on my blog for everyone to see.
If your company would like to contact me to review any of your item's bearing in mind I'm a beauty style lifestyle or baby toddler blogger and you think it may benefit your company and my readers then please let me know as i would always consider anything as i can review on my blog and Youtube video's as they are all linked as are all my other social media platforms like Facebook,twitter,instagram etc.
Alternatively if you would like me to do a sponsored blog post or to hold a giveaway on behalf of your company/website or to let my subscribers or followers know of any discount codes,money off or promotions then please let me know,If you have an affiliate program you think i would like to join just drop me a line.
Kind Regards Vinny Littlemissstyleguru

Also any PR samples i am sent to try out does not mean i will automatically review the item,if the item is up to the standards in which I'm happy with then of course i will but if deemed to be unsuitable then i can't sorry

Contact:  Subject header: PR contact

PS.Thanks for taking time out to read xx


  1. Gosh Eye shadow stick/pencil the best on the market
    I am in South Africa and buy at the Edgars stores
    I would love more colours please
    The best on the market
    I promote it to my friends every day
    Will never use any other eye shadow ever again
    Thank you very much
    Bessie de Kock

    1. Hi there you would need to get in contact with the brand Gosh themselfs as i'm not the brand i have just blogged about their items.thanks ever so much for reading though,i agree they are fantastic xx


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